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Post Class Testimonials

Written Testimonials 

I want to thank you for helping me tap deeper into myself to let my soul lead the way. The course on quantum photography is mind blowing what we are able to retain at Light Speed Learning, you won’t believe it until you do it. Simply put, amazing, unbelievable, this class opens a person to a higher potential that few are aware of. Thank you for the work you do! Thank you for helping my soul evolve to a new level of self & god realization.

Lyle W Chaska, MN 

This was so much more than speed reading. I found it was very insightful and was a culmination of many years of spiritual seeking. I absolutely endorse the instructors and the course. It is another oasis on the way to spiritual advancement.

David H Warwick, ND 

I didn’t necessarily take the class to increase my reading speed and comprehension, that is really a secondary benefit. I took the class to help me stop the noise and business in my mind. And access the universal knowledge that I know is available to me. There is so much than we have been conditioned and programmed to believe and accept. This class will help me to continue down my spiritual growth journey and realize the gift I’ve always had in me, but had failed previously to allow myself to receive. I feel blessed to have taken this class.

Valerie C Eagan, MN 

I like this class, it’s full of positive energy and brings a lot of good things to me. During this class, I’m not stressed and nervous at all and also it shows me another way to look at the world and look at myself. Thank you very much.

Yangyidi Ames, IA 

Thank you Thomas & Jayne! This has been such a deepening insightful weekend. Your process not only helped me attain reading speed I was previously unaware of, but it also helped me identify conflicting belief values. The tools you gave me will be of great value in all areas of my life as I continue my path as a teacher and to my highest self.

Wade H Boone, IA 

This class was a great tool of self improvement but also gives some great tools to help and serve others. I have complete faith that the information I learned will only continue to grow within me and I will reach greater states of ability, knowledge, and wisdom. Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us and developing this program.

Garrett H Grand Forks, ND 

Outstanding learning experience. As said before there is no way to explain the process, it needs to be experienced. Many new and very useful tools for learning and developing my full potential. Thank you

Mary St Paul, MN 

Thank you dearly and deeply for the weekend. Being in the presence of balanced energy is wonderful, as is connecting to a more silent mind space and exploring/experimenting. I look forward to practicing daily for the next 90 days. Thanks again for all you have given. I am truly grateful.

Wendy G Edina 

I have no doubt this is a very important element of the education paradigm. Everyone should have access to this system, and I am grateful for the two of you putting in the energy to do this class. Thank you for making it available. I intend to work on this process. John T.  Edina, MN


Very good Life changing information.

Greg M.

Lake Crystal, MN


Thanks for the eye opening weekend. The light speed learning techniques were fascinating enough, but coupled with Thomas’s antidotal gems/insights made this weekend truly one that will stay with me forever.

I look forward to utilizing these techniques to enhance my life and “punch through” to the universal mind.

Ed L

Minneapolis, MN


For anyone looking for higher learning techniques. I would highly recommend you take the Light Speed Learning course.

Sandra C

Minneapolis, MN


This class has provided the means to learn to get to an “alpha” space for learning very quickly. It has proven our subconscious can photograph what we “read” and the faster we go the better the comprehension. I believe it is because we stay in an alpha state. I can’t wait to practice this daily until it is a normal part of life for learning. I am also looking forward to manifesting changes into my life.

Cindy H.

Delano, MN

 It takes the conscious mind “off one’s back” and permits one to immerse oneself in the subconscious mind where all knowledge/wisdom resides.

Roxanne K



Amazing – Thank you so much for bringing me back to my youth, my Zen moment, I lost so long ago.

Fernando N

Brooklyn, NY 


I have dreamed life-long of being able to access- at will the Universal Mind, The Field, The Akashic Records, My Subconscious (or super consciousness).

I now know the doorway is open and I can access the universal mind whenever I choose.

Dr Elizabeth D



I thought that this class was incredible. I look forward to using the valuable tools Light Speed Learning has provided me with to enhance my life in all areas.

Annette B

Copiague, NY 


Come to this class with only one expectation: That you will be opening yourself to Grand possibilities – just be prepared to open. Squeeze the door just

a little bit and then watch it open wide.

Michael S. 

Astoria, NY 


The experience was very helpful. I was able to relax for the first time.

Brenda M 

Brooklyn, NY 


True Empowerment.

Awesome, easy to learn techniques for accomplishing all your goals. All the real “Secrets Revealed”. The simple explanation of levels of consciousness was

a revelation.

John P 

Northvale, NJ 


It makes me feel more connected to unlinked possibilities. I feel like I have connected to a part of life that was already there waiting for me to bring it in.

Isabel T



Your class has reawakened the possibility of a phenomenal realization, my life desires that I have always thought possible and now they are becoming

a reality. This provides and enables me to further my service to mankind. Thank you for starting me on this journey.

Mark P 



This is an immensely valuable class, and I expect to continue to work with its techniques and receive benefits from it after the class is completed.

David C 

City Island, NY 


The methods and techniques you demonstrated were very accurate and helpful. It proves that in our daily lives we can achieve our goals and dreams.

Richard F

Lindenhurst, NY 


This course is a must for those who want to explore our unlimited potential and do things far outside of normal expectations. As a spiritual being having a

Human experience, you owe it to yourself to tap into the vastness of your being.

Rita L.

Sunnyside, NY 


I really loved the course and everything about it. The atmosphere was beautiful, so were the people. I’m pretty sure it will change my life because I just

got pretty powerful tools to use.

Dorota H

Queens, NY


Empowerment of humanity in the 21st century is thought mastering, of our thoughts and developing the potential of our mind. This course has truly helped

me maximize my spiritual gifts to give more to people and fulfill my own path of service.

Judy S

Auckland, New Zealand


This is a wonderful class. There is so much that I got out of it. There is a lot for me to work on and evolve from this point and I am grateful.

This is class is good for everyone. Thanks Thomas & Jayne.

Ella N


Thomas is a gifted facilitator and with the assistance of Jayne, this has been a meaningful and enlightening experience for me. As a seeker of

Learning, this workshop transforms you to a higher level. Blessings and gratitude to both Thomas & Jayne. Love and prayers.

Sister Mary Cristobel


It’s an amazing course. A profound and transformative experience. Recommended for anyone who loves to read! Will you dare to soar and

go beyond limitations? It is possible that this course will become increasingly important in the future of the earth. What if everyone learned

this way? This course is not just for learning but for learning this is a whole brain experience. This course is great for healing. This course

reveals our unlimited potential. The instructors do a wonderful job. I am very thankful to them.

Kent E


"Truly the most enjoyable class & weekend ever spent learning and growing. It has opened closed eyes and a limited mind. Now I feel empowered to grow limitlessly during my lifetime. In projecting my desires or wish list for meditation I found it completely different from previous ones which were more material and less spiritual. I have a desire to help others for the sake of helping them. Hoping they too will pass it on and we can all continue to grow together. There really is no other way to overcome the negative influences and sadness within the community. My hope is you will give the High Speed Learning a try, you will not be disappointed. So Step In – Open the Door – And Gain it All!

John R


"When I first heard about “High-Speed Learning” I though “I’m so there” I had no real expectations coming in to this; Whatever I came away with would be more than what I had before. I had no idea that I would walk away with as much as I am. I have enhanced what I have already been practicing spiritually. I have gained valuable knowledge that I wholly intend to share. Thomas and Jayne are beautiful people. I have already turned one person onto this class and will continue to do so. There are things that I have learned that will help my parenting, my spiritual practice and my life as a whole. Thank you so much for opening me up to the potential I knew I had but wasn’t ever quite sure how to tap into. Namaste."




"It was a great experience I’ve definitely been exposed to some new ideas that are really applicable to my life. I feel like I’ve gained valuable tools that will help me avoid the mess of everyday hassles, and just get in the zone. What I desire and command into my life. This has opened my mind to a lot of new experiences."

Christine T 


"The mind is very photographic. Taking this course has brought this more into the fore front. It teaches you how to retrieve these photos we take everyday of every second of our lives. Alpha is the omega of learning and remembering."



"I had lost my way-not to long ago. This class/course confirms for me that I am back on track. Thank you for your gifts, your knowledge and for the experience. I feel truly blessed. May your mission find its way to those who need and want to follow a higher path. Blessings to all of you!"

Rebecca A


"I really enjoyed this course. It covers much more than simply reading. This course will not teach you how to burn through every book in your library. It will teach you how to have access to all the information contained in them.  Also if you want to know a book /subject more thoroughly, this will enhance your normal method of reading.  Very useful information regarding your dreaming abilities."

Matthew H



"Excellent, excellent class!  Vital for anyone & everyone. It will change the way you think, process information and perceive the world. I can’t wait to continue practicing to keep the pathway open. Thanks for spreading the knowledge and light."

Maiko M


"I enjoyed the class very much, very informative. I enjoyed how they take time to answer our questions, I also appreciate how they don’t act as if they are better than us, we feel like brothers and sisters. The most important thing about this class is that they don’t hold back on any information. They give everything away, no tricks, no part 1, no part 2 and no part 3. I came for speed learning , but I received secrets of the universe. How to manifest everything in life. Honest, trustworthy, I am impressed. Thank you very much, may god bless you and much success.  Love"

Jacques E


"I want to thank you for being a tool for me, opening myself to get closer to God (Allah). You have started on a road to a higher capacity to learn so that I may help other s & to serve God (Allah). I pray for you to continue to help others & I will be at your service if you need my help in the future. I will pass on the information and encourage others to take the course. And whoever is in my sphere of influence I will share it with. Again I am grateful for the experience."

David B aka Brother Dawud


"Thank you so much for bringing this information to the fore front for anyone to take advantage of. We definitely see now accessing the subscounsious  mind is possible but doable for everyone. This course will certainly change my way of learning and recalling information at will."

Rich T


"I felt the course delivered the basic promise of high speed learning but what was worth the cost of the class was how I connected to my higher self-I felt I connected with my higher self at a level I never have before and the experience was intense Love and Acceptance of self."

Yren B


"This class confirmed a childhood suspicion that we/I could know anything/everything and it was my god given right. It’s helping me see I can trust myself to know I know, to recover the self that knows. Mind opening, liberating and inspiring. I would recommend to everyone who seeks spiritual (mental/emotional) freedom. Thank you all and blessings"

Alyssa W


"I know what I’ve learned will tremendously improve my work, study and spiritual life. Thank you"

Carol  T


"This was an awesome experience. I came here with my 18 year old son, who has dyslexia and I can’t believe how well he did on the tests. There is no way he could have known some of the fill in answers which were correct, without your training. Although I did not do as well as I’d hoped, I think it was that I was so distracted making sure that my son did everything that was said. I want him to succeed so much and I know he has the ability. I see the change in him already. I plan to keep practicing and make you proud."

Darlene W


"I very much enjoyed the experience. It was great it makes me feel like I can get in contact with another side of me since I haven’t been in any negative states of mind. I felt good about myself and what I was doing, I don’t think that you come here and not learn anything when you leave here you should be a better person and look at life in a whole other prospective. You will actually become a better person in life and probably more likely to succeed."

Vincente Carmelia


This was a great class to expand further the meditative states of consciousness that I have already been working with, but with the powerful new perspective of brain wave modulation, I fully expect to continue to benefit greatly from these teachings in my performing career and overall quality of life. Although I still have some doubt relative to my ability to use this technique successfully with totally unfamiliar material or more challenging test questions. I have seen enough to believe that something significant is taking place. Thank you for your time, energy, passion and for keeping the price of this course in a reasonable range.

Kelly H T


“This is a wonderful class.  The highlight for me was the instructors.  Their kind and loving intention is a beautiful experience.  High Speed Learning and speed reading are the tools used to teach life and living in Alpha.  Please treat yourself to this experience.”       - Sarah Miller, MN


“Phenomenal experience opening the gateway to higher wisdom and access to information easily.  Focus in Alpha.  Enjoyed and appreciated life experience and application of material.”  - Susan A, MN


“An awesome experience with homework to last a lifetime.  Looking forward to the open door experience.  Thank you for the invitation of connectedness form this day forward.” – Joan M


“After the exercises my peripheral vision grew.  This course has also painted the way to unifying so many of the different spiritual avenues that we have been exploring.  This course ties them all together with a golden alpha cord.  From here we can unify these different perspectives and move forward.  We will be able to apply our learning in a practical, unified approach to our living.  Thank you so much!.”           

- Carlos G, MN


“Each of you have shared so many gifts with us – especially your honesty, heart and souls.  I’m refreshed and inspired by that.  I really would love more, more, more information, knowledge, stories you didn’t have time to tell. For those doubters – the tests taken on the least prior knowledge or information scored the same as the books I had the most information on – I believed that showed it worked for me). All of the tools and techniques seem easy to use….Thank You.  Thank You.  

 – Cynthia B, MN    


“This course is extremely helpful and encompasses so much more than one can imagine.  The practices learned are simple to learn and continue doing.  Yet, in spite of being simple the effects are profound, deep and lasting.  Worth repeating and leads me to want to share with others.  My deepest gratitude to the facilitators.”   - Kevin H, MN


“Profoundly influenced my comprehension of information and discernment of important facts.  The testing quantifies the results!  Remarkable.  I loved it!” – Kathe G


“Thank you for an incredible class.  I feel very empowered to the change I want to see in this world.  I feel I have received a great kick start in the journey.  I felt at all times truly cared for and that the well being of the whole was always the main concern.  All three of you are truly amazing people.”   

-        Brenda J


“This is a comprehensive class in that it is not just about learning how to process and absorb information.  It is that!  And this is extremely helpful.  However, it goes far beyond this.  It is about the essence of life, waking up to the truth of who we are!  And the truth of all things are.  One learns the importance of staying out of judgment and criticism.  Learning how to live in a less stress way in the midst of constant stimulation.”  Elene L. MN


“This class has given me the tools to go where I have dreamed but thought not possible.  I have learned more in three days than in all previous classes I have taken.  I can finally break through that barrier or ceiling I keep bumping into that I can bust through the wall and remain in the light.  My desire is for my grandchildren to experience this so they can go and stay in this higher state, helping make a better world.  This class was way more than I expected. I’m thankful that Thomas told me about it last year and that I took the time to come to Minnesota to take it.”    – Robert T 


“I can say that this was one of the best experiences that I have had in my life.  This tool I’m sure will truly change my life.  God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart..”

-        Rick S


“Thank you so very much for this well-integrated class!  The alpha factor pulled everything together between my interests in improved memory and learning capability, energy healing modalities and the true power of vibrations.  This reinforced inclusion of our six senses ‘and beyond’ with meditation in alpha being our primary healing creative force and connection to spirit.  Ever so grateful.  Thank you!!! – Michelle