I first heard about this through Edge Life Expo. At first I was skeptical just another scam amongst many. I even sent an email to Thomas & Jayne asking “will this get me past learning disabilities?”  Please answer without the sales pitch. After talking to Thomas I still wasn’t convinced, he even gave me a dvd to watch. It was after I took a class with Dahna Fox that I really made the decision to take this class. Once I put that notice out it is “un-be-lievable” how everything fell in to place, from paying for the course to having money on hand to purchase cd’s. I went from 27,000 wpm with 44% accuracy & not getting any essay questions correct to 1.3 million wpm with 72% accuracy & all essay questions correct. This blew me away! If I can do this, you can too. Take this class! If you are drawn to this class, then it is meant for you to take! By all means take it.

Carmelle A.

Minneapolis, MN