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WoW I have a brain

They learn everything automatically from the time they were born.  They do this through imagination, visualization and by being in the alpha state of creativity and learning. 

That all changes, however, between the ages of 7 and 14.  That’s when well-meaning but ignorant teachers and parents direct them to abandon this natural learning ability in favor of the analytical, senses-based, left-brained learning system that is our educational system.   

During that time, children start thinking with the wrong side of their brain.  Thinking should be done with the right brain…the left brain is for action, as in taking the actions to make thoughts into things.  That way, they use their WHOLE BRAIN.  Not just one side….and the wrong side at that!

Optimum Age? Between 7 and 14.   Why?  Because children are already in the zone and they have less programming to overcome.  It is also the time when they still have the amazing abilities of imagination and visualization (right brain), and they are embarking on the world of their senses and objective learning (left brain).    If they can be taught during this special time to keep using BOTH sides of their brain, they can count on becoming successful problem solvers and amazing humans.

Before children begin formal schooling, they absorb everything, virtually, through osmosis.  Their brain wave oscillation is in the theta/alpha realm and they think primarily through visualization and imagination involving the right brain.  When they start school, they go from subjective learning (inner life) to objective thinking, which is linked primarily to the five senses and the skills of observation and analysis, done primarily in the left brain. Eventually, after the age of 14, they are fully entrenched in the beta left brain dimension (14-21 cycles per second) and have abandoned their natural learning gifts of imagination and visualization. 

In an ideal world, we think with our right brain and act with our left brain.  In our world, we think and act with our left brain.

Teaching LSL techniques to children takes much less time and can be accomplished in two short evening classes, or one day-long class.  Why?  Because children pick up LSL at a much faster rate than adults, because they have less programming to undo).

After age 14. teenagers are asked to join the adult class, as they have usually abandoned their subjective learning techniques by then.